How to water proof your deck

How to water proof your deck

If your deck is elevated and there is sufficient space underneath it, you can use it as additional space or outdoor living . However, when it rains water could seep through the gaps between the decking boards and flow down into the space underneath the deck. If the available space is partially below the ground level, you may also face the same issues and challenges as when trying to keep water out. Especially in areas that experience high levels of rainfall, it is essential to waterproof the area underneath your deck so you may use it.

Waterproofing under your deck with Underdeck, the Australian made product that will add value to your home

Underdeck is specially designed pre-engineered ceiling system that transforms the unsightliness of the underside of the deck into a desirable and usable outdoor living area all year round.

Convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio by installing this simple, under-the-deck roof and gutter system that which will create a waterproof solution for your outdoor living spaces.

Using  Underdeck  is a simple system. The water carrying panels are hung from specially designed brackets that are fixed to the bottom of the joists, with a fall towards the gutter. All the panels are interlocked to prevent leaks.

It is an ideal system for existing decks, however can also be incorporated into new builds, or into different facets of your build.

Lera Group is the only certified installer and supplier of Under deck solutions in Queensland