Waterproof Underdeck

Waterproof Underdeck


Underdeck is an Australian made and manufactured product designed to solve industry problems for those who want to utilise there space underneath an outdoor deck by keeping it dry during wet periods and also expanding their living space and outdoor area usage.

Underdeck transforms the unsightly underside of your outdoor decking into a desirable, beautiful and usable outdoor living area all year round.

Until now, there has been no easy way to cover the underside of your decking.
Underdeck panels catch the water dripping through the decking boards and channels the water away to the gutter running along the front edge.
Not only is Underdeck an ideal solution aesthetically, but it is also an efficient way of draining water while waterproofing your decking area.


The benefit of using Underdeck Panel over timber is the low maintenance factor. At most, maintenance of the Underdeck Panel will require an occasional wash down to keep your facade looking great. Wash down is not necessarily a requirement, but an option for the property owner.

Underdeck Panels are also available in our Underdeck Ultra finish, which includes a 20mm styrofoam backing, installed to the rear hollow section of the panel. Whilst providing additional strength to the panel, its primary benefit is to assist in the reduction of heat entering and exiting your property.


Underdeck panels are manufactured on a strong and durable, corrosion resistant steel substrate, specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.The top paint coat applied to the steel base, which achieves the timber finish, allows for long lasting protection and minimises any possibilities of paint chipping, flaking or blistering in normal weather conditions. Underdeck panels are also made from a non-combustible base metal.

Underdeck comes in our Timberclad finishes and the full range of Colorbond colours

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